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Beatrex Quntanna

Beatrex Quntanna
is a dynamic personality devoted to the growth and development of the human potential. She inspires, motivates, and stimulates growth with her ever present zest for life and the human experience. Beatrex is an author, poet, lecturer, symbolist and Tarot expert. She has been counseling and teaching for the past 20 years using the Tarot as an enhancement for personal and intuitive development. Beatrex has written a book on the Tarot and its symbols called, Tarot: A Universal Language.
She is the creator and co-presenter of the popular
Yearly Tarot Workshop with Michael Makay.
This year's version is titled 2017 - "The Year of Acceleration".
Also, she is the creator of the popular
2017 Moon Book Living By The Light Of The Moon.

She was the feature writer for The Sedona Vortex Connection Magazine and The Sedona Good Times Newspaper.

Beatrex has a diversified background in conventional counseling which enhances her highly personalized Tarot readings, lectures, workshops and seminars. Her students find her style inspiring, enlightening, entertaining and "larger than life." Beatrex has developed workshops on love and relationships, intuition, personal power and purpose, self-esteem, and Tarot. 

Beatrex has appeared in San Diego Magazine in an article featuring the city's psychic community. She has been interviewed and photographed by National Geographic Magazine. Her book, Tarot: A Universal Language has been reviewed by magazines in Europe as well as in the U.S. Her TV appearances have included Up Front and Kaleidoscope for the Future, a PBS broadcast shown on the east coast for an entire year, Sun Up San Diego, and she has been a feature guest for numerous radio interviews.

Beatrex continues to be available for private teaching to groups and private readings in person or by telephone: 760-944-6020 Email: Beatrex

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