Abundance Kit
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with this Newly Developed


Created by Beatrex Quntanna

Introducing newly developed Abundance Kit created by Beatrex to assist you in connecting to your personal abundance factor.

Abundance Oil:
This Abundance Oil is made from an ancient formula given to Beatrex by a Feng Shui Master. It contains a combination of High Frequency Essential Oils that activate the cells in the body to accept the idea that living in abundance can become your reality.

Each bottle comes wrapped with multi-colored chocolate and bubble gum coins designed to awaken the idea that Abundance is available to you Now!

Abundance Activator Candle:
Light this candle and set your intention to Let Abundance Flow into your life in an easy and pleasurable way, for the good of all concerned.

The Activator Candle and Abundance Oil come beautifully wrapped with I Ching Coins hanging from green ribbons to assist in activating the idea of unlimited Abundance flowing into your life. Makes a Great Gift for your Family and Friends.

Light your Abundance Activator Candle and ignite the idea that unlimited opportunities are available to you! Then rub the Abundance oil on your belly in a clockwise circular motion every day to prepare the cells to accept abundance when it shows up in your life.

Abundance Oil :   Price: $19.95 plus shipping and handling

Abundance Candle :   Price: $12.95 plus shipping and handling
Abundance Kit :   (includes Abundance Oil and Candle)    
Price: $29.95 plus shipping and handling