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Whatever You Judge
You Are, You Fear or You Lack...

by Beatrex Quntanna

Under the Arcane Laws that govern this Galaxy of Adaptation, we need to look at the Fourth Arcane Law: the Law of Reflection. The Law of Reflection shows us and demonstrates to us self definition. We have the opportunity to see ourselves in every moment by what we have attracted to us. It is our attraction and what we do with our attraction that allows or disallows manifestation to occur. When judgment comes into play it is a good sign to get conscious and look in the mirror. It is judgment that shows us who we are, whether conscious or unconscious.

To work with judgment from a conscious space we must ask ourselves three questions.

1) Am I judging what I am and what I am unwilling to accept in myself?
In truth the answer is "yes" because you cannot put a label on anything unless you know it within yourself. This axiom allows for self discovery and releases projected judgment. Thus, judgment becomes your greatest teacher and self evaluator. Judgment teaches us what we need to understand and accept in ourselves.

2) Am I judging what I fear? Whenever fear comes into play it is a good sign for us to note that we are separated from love and unwilling to communicate that we see ourselves as unlovable. Remember, what you fear you bring to yourself. Once again, the Law of Reflection comes into play and we attract people, places or events that we judge as bad or wrong because we fear them. If used correctly, these attractions are opportunities to express our fear. It is often fear that blocks our experience and our soul purpose, for being on the Earth Plane is to experience. If we are too judgmental and critical of others a paranoia occurs promoting a fear that permeates our daily lives, blocking and paralyzing our experience, reflecting to us our fear of being judged. Fear-based judgments teach us where we have judged ourselves as unlovable.

3) Am I judging what I lack? Lack is the denial of manifestation. When we deny ourselves the privilege of manifesting we have to spend a lot of time justifying our unmanifested self. So we then begin judging what other people have done in order to manifest and we defend our powerlessness with justification. When we find ourselves judging someone for having something we don´t have, this is a sign that shows us where we have sold out and denied ourselves the abundance that is available to us at all times here on the Earth Plane. Ask yourself, "Have I denied myself Abundance?" If the answer is "yes", make a wish list and go for it!

Perhaps you have been being too critical of yourself and others. If so, it is time to look into the mirror of reflection and ask: Am I judging what I am? Am I judging what I fear? Am I judging what I lack?

Manifestation Comes to

Those Who Know the Cycles.

Manifestation comes to those who know cycles. Cycles are amplified to us when we look at nature, especially when we see nature evolving into it´s fullness in autumn. Autumn is a time when nature reflects to us our own fullness so we can become aware of what we have manifested. We see through the cycles of nature, the process of manifesting by watching the germination in spring come into fullness in summer and then releasing in autumn. Winter provides for us the awareness required to truly manifest by creating a void.

The entire holiday season is a symbolic ritual that allows us to align with the natural cycles of fullness and the natural cycles of releasing so that we can become void, empty and open to receive the new cycle of manifestation in the spring. The process of gift giving and gift receiving provides us with the perfect symbolic background for connecting to the cycles of manifestation that nature demonstrates to us during this most powerful time.

You Are the Gift! The giving part of the equation is the acknowledgement of your abundance. In the true sense, giving is the release of stored energy (i.e.) abundance. This stored abundance release allows you to become void and gives space for new life to be birthed in the spring, just as nature drops it´s leaves and these leaves become the mulch for the new sprouts to germinate in the spring.

To effectively commence the cycle of giving, you must buy yourself the first gift. This will make buying for others more effective and save you a lot of money. Remember, there is a difference between a gift and a present. A present is something you want someone to have ­­ a gift is something you know the receiver wants to receive.

You are the Receiver! The symbology of receiving is very important, for without it the cycle cannot be complete. Unfortunately, our culture has ignored this part of the equation by promoting an axiom that is not true, "It is better to give than receive." When receiving a gift, you are given the privilege to see the power of your magnetic field that is symbolic of the manifested results of your year´s experience. Your ability to receive sets up a manifesting field for the New Event structure in the NEW CYCLE! I am reminded of my teacher Barbra Dillenger´s most powerful words.

"You are the Gift, the Beginning of the Cycle

You are the giver, the Completion of the Cycle

You are the Receiver, the Result of the Cycle."

End Peace as a Polarity

Pray for Paradise

Peace is a polarity. Opposites (polarities) work hand in hand, so when we focus on one aspect of a polarity we give energy to the opposite end of the polarity. In other words, we can´t know one side of a polarity without knowing its opposite. When we pray for peace, we create its opposite...war. Peace is the absence of conflict and requires war, the activation of conflict, to determine itself. We make War to create Peace. This polarity, (Peace/War) is so strong in our consciousness and so deeply embedded in our cells that it is guaranteed to work. Perhaps we need a new prayer that doesn´t have such a great polarity attachment. The earth plane is a school where we learn through conflict and resistance. When we make resistance our teacher rather than our enemy, we can reduce conflict and advance as a civilization beyond war to a place called Paradise.

It is a good idea to sit down and examine what you are warring with in your life and in your mind. Write down your biggest conflicts and resistances. Ask yourself where are you rebelling . Discover what you are praying for consciously or unconsciously, and then look for the opposite side of your prayer to see what you are creating for yourself. The elimination of conflict comes when we embrace the conflict and its polarity. Accept the fact that you have the ability to advance beyond conflict, by including it in your experience rather than fighting with it.