2017 Moon Book
Living by the Light of the Moon
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The Year of Acceleration
2017 Wall Calendar

2017 The Year of Acceleration Wall Calendar

by: Beatrex Quntanna, Michael Makay
Katherine Sale, & Jennifer Masters

2017 advances you to new heights of awareness and accelerates your knowledge beyond what you imagined possible.

The dance of Uranus and Jupiter opposition will motivate us throughout the year to accelerate in innovative ways beyond current paradigms.
These two planets have huge expansive fields as their spheres of influence.
Make their vastness your friend in 2017.
Jupiter will bring good fortune.
Uranus will ask for revolutionary ideas to take us to unexplored places.
Accelerate on both ends of the spectrum by including each polarity so that neither separation nor contraction can occur.
The expansion provided by both planets is unconventional and creates the ideal acceleration to evolve your life.

The 2017 Wall Calendar is loaded with tons of information such as . . . .

  • Astrological Highlights (easy to understand)

  • Daily Intentions based on Tibetan numerology by Michael Makay

  • Planetary Retrogrades listed monthly

  • New Moons, Full Moons, Void Moons, calculated by Katherine Sale, are referred to by time, Astro-Sign and degree

  • Super Sensitive Days and Low Vitality Days

  • When the Sun enters a new Zodiac Sign

2017 Wall Calendar, The Year of Acceleration

2017 Wall Calendar:   Price $19.95 plus shipping

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Living By The Light Of The Moon

2017 Moon Book Living by the Light of the Moon

Written by Beatrex Quntanna

2017 - The Year of Acceleration

The 19th Edition of the Moon Book

The Year 2017 adds up to a 10 in Tibetan Numerology. The number 10 is all about goals, vision, innovation, and last but not least, new beginnings. While contemplating the year I got inspired by the word acceleration. This told me that the speed ratio was going to elevate us to a whole new field of influence to play on in 2017. The astrology validated the idea and off we went exploring this new horizon. Then it was important to find a Goddess that held the energy of acceleration. After doing the research we found that Nike was that Goddess and in her later lineage she manifested into the Flying Lady who sits on the front grill of the Rolls Royce. She guided us through the many symbols through out the year. Holding acceleration in many forms - Mt. Everest, Bamboo for rapid growth, Flamingo Dancers, Cheetahs, Rockets, Surfers, Skateboarders, Boom-stick riders, and of course Archers. After all it has been predicted by the Mayans that the years ahead would get faster and faster so we would be forced to use our intuition rather than our mind. Now is the time, hold on to your hats this year while the rooster awakens new horizon for us to enjoy.

Join me and The Flying Lady and journey inside 2017 with the Moon directing us home to our soul!

Use the Moon Book to follow the Sun and the Moon through the zodiac and note the cycles of illumination and reflection. The Moon is the great cosmic architect, the builder and dissolver of form and foundation. The Full Moon is about dissolving obstacles and outdated patterns so we can become free. The New Moon is all about co-creating, accepting, and receiving. This workbook will assist you in knowing when and what to Co-create and when and what to do to become free.

The 2017 Moon Book Includes:

A Monthly Calendar with Retrogrades, Void Moons, Solar and Planetary changes

Plus the ever-so popular Numerology of the day

Super Sensitivity and Low Vitality Days are included.

Astro-Charts for each New and Full Moon including easy to understand Astrological Highlights.

Plus Aspects from Jill Estensen's Dimnesional Astrology process with the degrees

Plus Recalibrated Goddesses - Karmic Awakenings - Dropping Moons

Plus Sky Power Yoga inspired by Tasi - Designed to allow for the physical body to hold the                                                                    process related to the moon

2017 Moon Book, Living by the Light of the Moon
on October 24th now ready to ship

2017 Moon Book:   Price $29.95 plus shipping

California residents will be charged 8.75% sales tax

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How to Use The Moon Book Videos . . . . . .

Introduction and Instructions
Challenges and Victories
Calendar Part 1
Calendar Part 2
Calendar Part 3

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