Planets in Retrograde
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Beatrex Quntanna

Astrological Highlights

for April 2017

Throughout 2017: Jupiter opposite Uranus
Together for the long haul - Jupiter and Uranus influence huge expansion throughout the year. Expand at each end of the opposition by making vastness your friend. Jupiter brings good fortune. Uranus asks for innovative concepts that take us to places where we have not yet ventured. Expand and include so neither separation nor contraction occurs.

Until June 9th: Jupiter retrograde in Libra
Add beauty into your space to un-stress your life. Upgrades, such as flowers, new fabrics, and anything fun, make recalibration easier.

Until April 15th: Venus retrograde in Aries
Move beyond rose-colored glasses to see what romance actually provides rather than living in a fantasy world.

April 2nd: Venus enters Pisces
Get juicy! Romance is in the air.

April 5th - August 25th: Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius
Face the downside of Sagittarius's tendency towards excessiveness and exaggeration. Recalibrate and rebalance with the help of Saturn.

April 9th - May 3rd: Mercury retrograde in Taurus
If you shop, you may return everything the next day! Clean your closets and your yard instead.

April 10th: Moon and Jupiter dance
Open to the dance and accelerate you abundance!

April 10th: Retrograde Venus in Chiron
The feminine receives a major healing from the collective energy.

April 10th: Sun and Uranus conjunct in Aries
accelerate your ability to connect consciously with what's next for you. Get out your journal, write down your goals, and take action on your future now.

April 19th: Sun enters Taurus
Hit the ground, get your feet moving, and dance your life! If the lap of luxury offers you a seat, take it.

April 20th: Mercury retrograde enters Aries
If you back up your thoughts with action, manifestation will happen.

April 20th - September 29: Pluto retrograde in Capricorn
Get down to the bones of your issues related to money and security. Make choices beyond survival to bring abundance into your life.

April 21st Mars enters Gemini
Expect speed. The acceleration is zero to ninety in seconds!

April 26th: Mercury and Uranus coupled in Aries
Honor new directions in your life by speaking up and sharing your ideas and goals.

April 28th: Venus enters Aries
Immediate gratification or brat attacks - the choice is yours.

Low Vitality Days April 2nd - 3rd & 29th - 30th
Get rest, stay close to home, and remember if an energy field is ending, let it end.

Super Sensitivity Days April 16th - 17th
To avoid making choices that you might regret later, avoid chaos as it could play havoc with your nerves.

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            written by Beatrex Quntanna