Planets in Retrograde
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Beatrex Quntanna

Astrological Highlights

for July 2017

Throughout 2017: Jupiter opposite Uranus
Together for the long haul - Jupiter and Uranus influence huge expansion throughout the year. Expand at each end of the opposition by making vastness your friend. Jupiter brings good fortune. Uranus asks for innovative concepts that take us to places where we have not yet ventured. Expand and include so neither separation nor contraction occurs.

Until August 25th: Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius
Gain power from balancing the strength of the primal world by harmonizing it with the strength of your practical mind.

Until September 28: Pluto retrograde in Capricorn
Authority is transforming to create different systems. Move beyond your stubborn side to prevent the transformational energies accelerating beyond you. Accept the third stage of Capricorn's evolution to embrace the unicorn's power of magical intention.

Until November 22: Neptune retrograde in Pisces
Don't be lazy and believe others who say that they will take care of you. Live your truth to take care of yourself.

Until December 4: Chiron retrograde in Pisces
Heal yourself by healing your relationship with the spiritual world. Peace exists on earth when we release exclusionary religious practices. Take responsibility for your own spiritual growth and let religion keep rituals and ceremonies alive that peacefully bring people together.

July 4th: Venus enters Gemini
Sharpen your flirting ability. Expect great conversations and have a blast at a party!

July 5th: Mercury enters Leo
Write love letters and read love stories.

July 8th: Sun and Mars coupled in Cancer opposite Moon and Pluto in Capricorn
What stories do you tell about your relationship with your family? Expect a new storyline to break through that sets you free from old limitations and outdated plots.

July 20th: Mars enters Leo
Expand your capacity for love and celebrate your creativity.

July 22nd: Sun enters Leo
Get out your dancing shoes as happy days are here again!

July 23rd: Venus opposite Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius
If you go shopping today, you'll just return everything tomorrow. Don't waste your time.

July 23rd: Mercury conjunct North Node in Leo
Pay attention as your mind sets up its future focus. What is on the horizon for you?

July 25th: Mercury enters Virgo
Pay attention to the details and improve your life!

July 31st: Venus enters Cancer
Enjoying time with family is your priority.

Super Sensitivity Days July 7th - 8th
Breathe. Mental overload could lead to disaster. Avoid thinking too much and take a yoga class instead.

Low Vitality Days July 20th - 21st
Get rest or being habitually cranky could make you unpopular. Avoid stress. The issues at hand do not belong to you individually, but are global energy fields.

Low Vitality Days July 30th - 31st
Get rest or being habitually cranky could make you unpopular. Avoid stress. The issues at hand do not belong to you individually, but are global energy fields.

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            written by Beatrex Quntanna