Planets in Retrograde
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Beatrex Quntanna

Astrological Highlights

for June 2017

Throughout 2017: Jupiter opposite Uranus
Together for the long haul - Jupiter and Uranus influence huge expansion throughout the year. Expand at each end of the opposition by making vastness your friend. Jupiter brings good fortune. Uranus asks for innovative concepts that take us to places where we have not yet ventured. Expand and include so neither separation nor contraction occurs.

Until June 9th: Jupiter retrograde in Libra
Acknowledge the fortunate gifts of your friends by treasuring your heart-centered relationships. Review relationships from 2005. Update or release with love any unbalanced relationships.

Until August 25th: Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius
What needs to be refined? Sagittarius energy can miss important details, so check in to refine and move on. Does your family need healing? Connect with grace, ease, and freedom to bring much-needed joy into your family.

Until September 29: Pluto retrograde in Capricorn
Pluto, the great transformer, asks what demands to be transformed? If you have a tendency to hold on, go for a bigger picture. You won't have regrets if you let go and surrender to Pluto's transformational power.

June 4th: Mars enters Cancer
Your feelings sizzle when this ball of fire lands in the ocean of existence. Be aware that what you have been storing - or hiding - may emerge. Watch your flashbacks, make new choices.

June 6th: Mercury enters Gemini
Let your mind shine! Get your message out via inspiring conversations and marketing communications that get you the attention you deserve.

June 6th: Venus enters Taurus
Go shopping and enjoy luxury. Have fun, go dancing, go to a concert, make love - do whatever makes you happy.

June 9th: Jupiter direct in Libra
Set yourself free as you celebrate the completion of your review of 2005.

June 16-November 22: Neptune retrograde in Pisces
Is your life on hold due to unfulfilled promises? Advance beyond them so greater freedom manifests.

June 20th: Summer Solstice - Sun enters Cancer
Celebrate light and the lightness of being! Look at your garden of dreams, what needs your attention this summer?

June 23rd: Pluto opposite Mars
The ego is up for a test! Where do you need to be right? Expect power trips where change is needed related to money: Resolve your money karma and avoid starting a hostile battle, if possible.

June 30-December 4: Chiron retrograde in Pisces
Reach out to heal. Don't let a tendency towards isolation fool you into thinking you will heal faster alone.

Low Vitality Days June 3rd - 5th
Don't resist it if you feel exhausted. Earth changes are possible, so stay close to home and get rest.

Super Sensitivity Days June 10th - 11th
Don't rush! An inability to focus your mind could make you prone to accidents. Stay safe.

Low Vitality Days June 20th - 21st
Don't resist it if you feel exhausted. Earth changes are possible, so stay close to home and get rest.

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            written by Beatrex Quntanna