Planets in Retrograde
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Beatrex Quntanna

Astrological Highlights

for August 2017

Throughout 2017: Jupiter opposite Uranus
Together for the long haul - Jupiter and Uranus influence huge expansion throughout the year. Expand at each end of the opposition by making vastness your friend. Jupiter brings good fortune. Uranus asks for innovative concepts that take us to places where we have not yet ventured. Expand and include so neither separation nor contraction occurs.

Until August 25th: Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius
The subtleties in life are as important as the large scale events.

Until September 28: Pluto retrograde in Capricorn
Get a financial planner to deal with any outstanding money issues. Stick to the plan to best take care of yourself.

Until November 22: Neptune retrograde in Pisces
Are you wearing rose-colored glasses? Face reality and recalibrate what's not working.

Until December 4: Chiron retrograde in Pisces
Which traditions or religions work for you? Which ones have lost their glow? Sort, sift, and release what doesn't spark you anymore. New inspirations arrives when you complete your review.

August 2nd: Uranus retrograde in Aries
This is a game changer well into 2018, as everything suddenly stops and does a sharp U-turn. The resulting shock waves show you your new direction and focus.

August 7th - 8th: Sun and Mars coupled in Leo
Bright lights shine on all your actions. Use this high visibility to your advantage.

August 7th - 30th: Mercury in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces
A period of important scientific discovery benefiting many people may occur.

August 12th - September 5th: Mercury retrograde in Virgo
Mercury retrograde is happy in Virgo. Tend to the details and your projects get good results or take on a research project that you enjoy.

August 21st: North Node in Leo conjunct Mars
All will be good if you live love in each moment.

August 21st: Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries
From today and into 2018, know your boundaries so you don't get stuck.

August 22rd: Sun enters Virgo
Let the light of summer heal your body. Expect new healers and ways to take care of your health to bloom in your life.

August 25th: Venus enters Leo
Keep dancing, live love, and let the summer fun continue!

August 31st: Mercury enters Leo
Your mind and your heart blend in a deep expression of love. Let your heart speak for them both.

Super Sensitivity Days August 3rd - 4th
Keep your boundaries straight and all will be well.

Low Vitality Days August 17th - 18th
Get rest. Don't fight the need for calm.

Super Sensitivity Days August 30th - 31st
Keep your boundaries straight and all will be well.

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            written by Beatrex Quntanna