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Beatrex Quntanna

April 2017   * Daily Affirmation *

The Devil Card

I feel limited.
I feel confined.
I feel stuck.
I feel there is no way out.

Perhaps I am the target of someone’s envy or jealousy, or perhaps I am jealous or I am envious. Maybe I am spending too much time in the outer world and putting too much value on material rewards, things, and possessions. Maybe I am trying to possess someone or limit their view or choice. I may feel there are no choices. Maybe I am living by someone else’s rules and beliefs and forgot how to think for myself. I could also be overcome by fear and too terrorized to look at anything at all.

Today I see and feel the limits of placing the source of love outside myself. I have tunnel vision and I seem to have forgotten to look at my options. I must ask myself today, “ How many ways can I look at my life, my situation, or my perceived problems?” Today I must expand my view to encompass 360° instead of 180°. I begin by acknowledging to myself that today is the worst it is going to get. I know deep within me that if I allow myself to truly experience my bottom and the top will become visible to me. It is time to look at the brighter side. I begin by identifying the problem by writing it down on a piece of paper. I start with the sentence, “ The problem is_________________.” I fill in the blanks. Then I list as many solutions as I can come up with, at least three. Then I say this out loud every day until the answer comes to me through a person, an idea, an event, or a choice. I am willing to widen my periphery today.

April Tarot Reading:

In order to personalize this affirmation you might want to do a reading with your Tarot Cards on this issue.

Spiritual:   In order to move on I must work on seeing the bigger picture…….
                  What is the wisdom behind the event?
(pull a card)

Mental:    Where might I be jealous or resentful? (pull a card)

Physical:   What have I been resisting?
                  Where have I forgotten to make a choice?
(pull a card)

Ask your questions out loud while you are mixing the cards face down in front of you. Pull them out from your deck, face down, in the sequence shown above. Repeat each question as you turn the card face up, and interpret before going on to the next card.

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            written by Beatrex Quntanna