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Beatrex Quntanna

May 2017   * Daily Affirmation *

The Hierophant Card

"When the student needs to learn, the teacher appears."
Today I recognize that the Law of Reflection is in operation. I have become aware of this through my over-indulgence of judgment and criticism of other people. I am aware that when my judgment is running rampant I am in need of a teacher who can interpret this judgment as reflection, so I can see my judgments as my teachers and use them to reinterpret myself. I seek counsel with someone who has the ability to listen to me, hear me, and give to me the space to see myself. I have become confused by spending too much time looking outside myself for the answers. Perhaps my authority systems, such as my religion or my family traditions, no longer serve me and I need to use this confusion to become aware of a new, more self-reliant way to live my life.

The Law of Reflection:
Whatever I Judge is what I Am, what I Fear, or what I Lack.
I make a list of my Judgments:
I rewrite each judgment with a question:
I Am _________________ I Fear _________________ I Lack __________________

Example: I Judge Mary's wealth.
Do I fear wealth?
Do I lack wealth?
Am I wealthy in my own way and forgetting to acknowledge my own ability to manifest?

Example: I Judge John's be perfect attitude.
Do I fear perfection?
Do I lack perfection?
Have I forgotten to recognize my own perfection?

In this process I reconnect to myself and find my own authority today. I send blessings to others whose reflection has so beautifully shown me myself today. I now know and cherish my judgments as my greatest teachers and set myself free today.


A saying, "Good leaders are hard to find so I am following myself," fairly sums up the meaning of the HIEROPHANT card. This card asks us to look at the wisdom of our own personal awareness. There are times when we will turn to experts for their opinion; remember, it is only their opinion. The direction needs to come from within us as our own source. We can all ascend to a high spiritual throne of our own being, if we are willing. Are you willing?

May Tarot Reading:

In order to personalize this affirmation you might want to do a reading with your Tarot Cards on this issue.

Spiritual:   Am I open to accepting myself as a spiritual authority? (pull a card)

Mental:    Where do I let tradition limit my thinking? (pull a card)

Physical:   How willing am I to move beyond old physical boundaries? (pull a card)

Ask your questions out loud while you are mixing the cards face down in front of you. Pull them out from your deck, face down, in the sequence shown above. Repeat each question as you turn the card face up, and interpret before going on to the next card.

For more information:

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            written by Beatrex Quntanna