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Beatrex Quntanna

June 2017   * Daily Affirmation *

The World Card

Ultimate fulfillment is mine today. My willingness to live my life to the fullest each day is making all my dreams come true. I am fulfilling the promise of my destiny, and in so doing I make my mark on the world. I have completed my commitment to the Earth and to the Cosmos by being all that I can be in the cycles of time on the inner and outer planes of awareness. All four seasons have been activated within me so I am in alignment and in motion with the cycles of releasing, rebirthing, planting and harvesting. I can now claim my citizenship in all four worlds. I am open and ready for the inspiration that the spirit world brings me. I am ready to conquer the mental world by using thought rather than thinking. I am open to the expression of my heart and the magnetic field of love that is always presenting my experience. I am open to receiving the abundance from nature and contributing to the physical world by actively manifesting my ideas into reality. I am in harmony with the four elements and keep them active within me, and contribute to them externally. The element of Air is present within me as I breathe in the miracle of life. The element of Earth is within me as I honor my body and use all its senses to enhance the quality of life. I honor the Earth as my home and take complete stewardship with my home and property on the earth. I honor the Water, the wellspring of life eternal, by allowing the flow of my feelings and emotions to be a creative influence in the unconscious and conscious planes. I honor the Fire within me as the spark of light, the ever-present source of inspiration in my experience. Therefore, I have fulfilled the promise of my destiny to live fully, freely, and passionately on all levels and on all dimensions with my Earth/Cosmos connection.

The WORLD Card:

The WORLD card speaks to the unlimited potential that exists in the Universe for all of us. Some people get into the fear factor that only so much of the pie is available to them and the rest will go to someone else. The truth is the unlimited abundance of the Universe is there for all of us. Sometimes it requires a change in the thought process to get aligned with this fact. Open up to the abundance of opportunities that are available to you and stop fighting for your limitations. Who wants limitations?

June Tarot Reading:

In order to personalize this affirmation you might want to do a reading with your Tarot Cards on this issue.

Spiritual:   Am I open to perceive my unlimited potential? (pull a card)

Mental:    Where do I second-guess my opportunity for success? (pull a card)

Physical:   How willing am I to integrate the fullness of myself? (pull a card)

Ask your questions out loud while you are mixing the cards face down in front of you. Pull them out from your deck, face down, in the sequence shown above. Repeat each question as you turn the card face up, and interpret before going on to the next card.

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            written by Beatrex Quntanna