Tarot du Jour
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Beatrex Quntanna

August 2017   * Daily Affirmation *

The Death Card

I will not compromise myself today. I know that transformation occurs when I stand tall in my truth even if everything around me needs to die. I see death as a new beginning and know that in death comes new aliveness. I am willing to embrace transformation and open to the idea that change is in my favor. I know that in letting go I give new life to myself. I am willing to accept that life is ever-changing and in a constant state of renewal; one cannot occur without the other. Releasing is easy when I offer myself something new. When I allow for the motion of change to stay alive as I let go on one hand and bring in on the other hand. The ever-present flow and motion keeps me alive and connected to the revitalizing power of nature. When the power of Nature becomes apparent to me I become aware that Nature abhors a vacuum. Rejuvenation is mine when I embrace change.

The DEATH Card:

TRANSFORMATION: There is no compromise – change is imminent. Make a clean break. Time to let go of the past. Rejuvenation. Regeneration. New beginnings.
RESISTANCE: The Universe has you on hold. Delays are appropriate. Do not personalize the feeling of “stuckness”. Take time to play rather than pushing. Let go of what you think the action “should” be. Be willing to stay in the void.

August Tarot Reading:

In order to personalize this affirmation you might want to do a reading with your Tarot Cards on this issue.

Spiritual:   What is my most important “let go” at this time? (pull a card)

Mental:    Where am I resisting transformation? (pull a card)

Physical:   What action will revitalize my life? (pull a card)

Ask your questions out loud while you are mixing the cards face down in front of you. Pull them out from your deck, face down, in the sequence shown above. Repeat each question as you turn the card face up, and interpret before going on to the next card.