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Beatrex Quntanna

July 2017   * Daily Affirmation *

The High Priestess Card

I recognize the voice within me is speaking the truth. This voice that comes from my silence is the language of my soul. I allow this voice to speak without overriding it with the voice of my logic, knowing that the secret mysteries of life are made known to me today in my stillness. Answers to my questions simply flow into my centeredness. I need not speak or think. I simply know. I am connected to all things through the power of my knowing. My knowing is untainted by rational thought. There is no need for facts to back up what I know. I accept the purity of my soul and the memory of all moments. I am the conduit and the connection to the nature of all. Whatever I desire is within me. All that is necessary is to silence myself and stay still. That which is truth comes to me with ease and grace. I am aware that the gift life has for me is the gift of knowledge.

Today I know the power of receiving.

Today I know that in receiving I experience results.

Today I know I am magnetic.

Today I recognize the power of stillness.

Today I live in cycles instead of time.

Today I am the midpoint between
black and white, good and evil, and right and wrong.

Today I am the temple of my soul's expression.

Today I am in my TRUTH.


The Tarot card for this month is the HIGH PRIESTESS. This is a high throne card, the feminine polarity in its purest form. It is the ultimate card of the intuitive aspects of who we are. In many ways she is considered the alchemist, capable of turning water into wine. As such, she is the dispenser of wisdom and knowledge. She asks us this month to trust our intuition. This trust reminds us not to override our intuition with logic. Our intuition is not to be analyzed. It is to be used for our highest and best good. So don't sell yourself short. Listen to the intuitive information you receive and then act on it. So frequently our mental process will jump in and try to make sense of something that should simply be acted upon. The key words here are "listen" and "trust". The HIGH PRIESTESS can be an invaluable gift for us this month if we simply pay attention. So allow your higher self to be guided by this energy in all that you do. Your mantra might be "I trust my intuition in all that I do with grace and ease."     Have a fulfilling month of July.

July Tarot Reading:

In order to personalize this affirmation you might want to do a reading with your Tarot Cards on this issue.

Spiritual:   Do I express my spiritual wisdom with grace? (pull a card)

Mental:    How open am I to accepting silence as my reality? (pull a card)

Physical:   Am I willing to be approachable? (pull a card)

Ask your questions out loud while you are mixing the cards face down in front of you. Pull them out from your deck, face down, in the sequence shown above. Repeat each question as you turn the card face up, and interpret before going on to the next card.