The Moon Book Calendar

By Beatrex Quntanna
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Cover of the 2022 Moon Book Calendar

2023 The Year of the Magical Mind

Moon Book Calendar

Presented by Beatrex Quntanna

This companion piece to Beatrex’s Living by the Light of the Moon makes it easy to quickly reference what’s happening in the cosmos and how it might be affecting you on a day-to-day basis. Learn how to take the path of least resistance by tracking the Moon and its cycles, flowing with the planetary movements, and working with Numerological influences—all to enhance the quality of your life and empower you to Live Love Every Day.

This year is all about transformation of the mind moving into a higher octave and bringing us into a whole new way of living. Saturn, the ruler of the mind, is promoting tradition, perfection, activation, and intelligence. Now is the time to get smart. The Uranus and North Node connection is transforming the way we think about the future.

The 2023 calendar provides you with insights into:
  • Living with Daily Intentions and timing cycles based on Tibetan numerology.
  • Astrological Highlights that are easy to understand and integrate into your life experience.
  • Monthly Planetary Retrogrades are identified monthly to keep you on track with the necessary self-development.
  • Super Sensitivity & Low Vitality days are identified to assist in preventing accidents, burn-out, and exhaustion, and warn about possible Earth changes.
  • New, Full, and Void Moons by time, sign, and degree, and the Sun’s movement around the Zodiac, are calculated by Jill Estensen.
Featuring Tibetan Numerology by Michelenne Crab and Graphic Design by Jennifer Masters
Sample page 1 February top page
Sample page 2 - February grid

About the Author

Tarot expert, published author, symbolist, poet, lecturer—Beatrex is one of the luminaries of our time. Her life’s work is showing how to Live Love Every Day by living astrology, not just intellectualizing it.

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Moon Book Calendar Reviews

I consult “The Moon Book Calendar” to know when to make decisions, when to back up my computer, when to go to bed and rest, when to schedule classes, when it’s good to begin projects, or travel. I use it to stay sane when I’m feeling low energy and see from the calendar that it’s not just me! I have two calendars—one at home and one at work because the information is that important!

Kaliani Cynthia Hupper

North Carolina

This calendar has changed by life! So much information to guide my decisions at my fingertips. It’s easy to use, too. Over the last several years, I’ve become much more compassionate toward myself and others with the understanding of cosmic forces at play. Thank you, Beatrex and team!

Becky LaVonne

Julian, California

‘Don’t leave home without it!’ A wonderful guidance system that provides insight … positive suggestions … awareness and comprehension. This knowledge turns into knowingness that will enrich your life.

Linda Laborde

Vista, California

A big part of my spiritual journey has been to learn to live by the cycles of nature, the Sun, Moon and stars. “The Moon Book Calendar” is indispensable to me as a spiritual tool to do just that. Thank you Beatrex for helping us access the wisdom of “The Moon Book Calendar” to live a Magical life!

Felicia Bond

San Diego, California

I love that at a glance I can see the energies we’re being affected by and be ahead the game. It helps me know that energies are universal, so I don’t take things personally. Working with the calendar and the moon cycles has made a huge difference in my life and in my ability to manifest.

Jennifer Lyndon

Encinitas, California

Love the calendar soooo much… I’d be lost without it.

Tera Lane


Beatrex Quntanna has created the simplest and most powerful work on Astrology there is! “The Moon Book Calendar” is for anyone who is curious about the mysteries of the cosmos and ready to live the potential of their life.

Janet Kadow

New Mexico

It is so much easier to live life by the cycles of the Moon. Thank you Beatrex for putting it all together for us, it just makes life so much simpler knowing it is the Moon and the planets, and you’re not going crazy! The calendar is full of information; daily affirmations, moon cycles, sensitivity days, low-vitality days and so much more!!!

Lee Ann Lilinthall


“The Moon Book Calendar” has become an indispensable tool in my spiritual journey. Simple and easy to use, the calendar has helped me to understand and work with the cycles of the Sun, Moon and stars to live a life of greater joy.

Robin Simmons

San Diego, California