How to Use the Eight Moon Phases to Manifest Your Dreams

By Beatrex Quntanna

The New Moon

When the moon is new, it is time to write a manifest list. Once your list is complete, say it out loud, light a candle and place your manifest list under an eight-sided mirror in a special area in your home.

The Crescent Moon

When the moon is in a crescent, manifesting power is increasing. It is now time to set your intentions to add energy to your manifest list. Setting an intention is like an archer aiming the bow directly towards the target. Remember to say your intentions out loud. Direct your intentions toward the target. The target is the realization of your new moon manifest list.

The First Quarter

When the moon is in the first quarter, it is in the building mode. The first quarter moon asks you to make an action plan to enhance your manifesting power. Taking action toward your goals adds energy to the actualization of your manifestation list.

The Gibbous Moon

The Gibbous Moon is three days before the Full Moon. It is now time to increase your ability to receive what you have intended by visualizing fulfillment. Review your list, close your eyes, go into meditation, and visualize fulfillment.

The Full Moon

Acknowledge what you did manifest from your list. Bury your list in the earth as a symbol of what is growing for you now. You are now ready to start the releasing process. Write your release list, say it out loud, light a candle and place it under a circle mirror in a special area in your home.

The Disseminating Moon

It is now time to release past influences that have come forward from your memory banks to be reviewed and released. Sit quietly and meditate, contact an angel of records to be with you while meditating, and ask for the angel to guide you to a place in time (this life, or perhaps another) where the memory release needs to occur. Do whatever it takes to re-experience the memory, let go with awareness, and allow yourself and your cells to be updated. When the memory is updated, the disseminating power of the moon casts new seeds to be planted at a later date.

The Last Quarter

When the moon is in the last quarter, it is a time designated for releasing habitual patterns. By now you have become aware that there is one negative thing on your list that may need special attention. Perhaps an unwanted behavior, a block, a limitation, a repeating circumstance, a bad habit, or a negative situation has surfaced. The last quarter moon gives you the opportunity and the energetic support to go deeper with your releasing to break a habit or repeating pattern.

The Balsamic Moon

The Balsamic Moon is 72 hours before the New Moon; this is a time to enter the void, to transmute, to empty out in order to create space and prepare for the new cycle. If you have written a list, now is the time to burn it. Blow out your candle. This symbolizes your releasing process going into emptiness. Gently move into the void, be still, be silent, get rest, and take care of yourself in deep, nurturing ways.

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