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Tarot: A Universal Language

Experiencing the Road of Life Through Symbols

Experience the amazing interpretation and wisdom behind each and every Tarot Card from Beatrex Quntanna. It is now available online for the first time ever. Beatrex has over forty years of experience giving Tarot Card readings and teaching the Tarot to her students. Now this wealth of knowledge is available to you to study at your leisure. High-quality instructional videos, study aids, fun quizzes, and insightful activities are gathered into this fabulous course. Whether you are on a journey to learn the Tarot for your own enlightenment or whether you want to do Tarot card readings for others, this is the course for you. Beatrex fills the course with her insightful wisdom, funny stories, and deep, anchored knowledge of the Tarot. Don’t miss this course.

In this online course, you will...

  • Know the meanings and symbols of the Tarot Cards
  • Understand how to increase your intuition by using the cards
  • Receive special readings appropriate to apply to different issues
  • Engage in meditations with the cards--letting the symbols speak to you
  • Learn how to set up a vortex in your office for doing readings
  • Understand how to care for and treat your Tarot deck

Please NOTE: You can purchase the course with or without the book, Tarot: A Universal Language. If you do buy the course with the book, it will be sent to the address you submit with your registration.


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