Balinese Carved Green Goddess Necklace


Balinese Carved Green Goddess Necklace

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Unleash Inner Strength with the Balinese Carved Green Goddess Necklace

Embrace the divine feminine with this captivating Balinese Carved Green Goddess Necklace. Handcrafted with exquisite detail, this piece is a stunning creation by Beatrex Quntanna.

The centerpiece of this necklace is a beautiful carved green goddess face pendant. The carved Balinese Goddess pendant radiates a sense of serenity and power, symbolizing the nurturing and protective aspects of the divine feminine.

Spiraling Tibetan silver beads frame the pendant, adding a touch of cultural intrigue and artistry. The intricate spirals represent the interconnectedness of all things, further enriching the necklace’s depth.

Emerald glass beads cascade down the chain, their rich green hue echoing the color of the pendant and evoking a sense of growth, abundance, and renewal.

This captivating necklace is perfect for:

  • Connecting with the divine feminine: The Green Goddess pendant embodies the strength, wisdom, and nurturing qualities often associated with feminine energy.
  • Appreciating cultural artistry: Balinese carving and Tibetan silver combine, creating a unique and globally-inspired piece.
  • Adding a touch of vibrant color: The emerald green tones add a touch of life and energy to any outfit.

More than just an adornment, this Balinese-carved green Goddess Necklace is a powerful statement piece that celebrates the divine feminine and the beauty of handcrafted artistry. It is a treasured addition to any jewelry collection curated by Beatrex Quntanna.