Dream Catcher Earrings – blue


Materials: Gold-tone metal, blue round star/flower beads, gold beads

Earring Type: Dangle earrings

Length: Approx. 2 inches


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Dream Catcher Earrings: A Symbol of Protection and Positive Dreams

Embrace your inner dreamer with these captivating dream catcher earrings, a harmonious blend of bohemian elegance and spiritual symbolism. The intricate gold-tone dream catcher charm, adorned with vibrant blue round star/flower beads and gleaming gold beads, stands as a symbol of protection and positive energy.

Dream Catchers: A Symbol of Protection and Positive Dreams

Originating from Native American tradition, dream catchers were woven with natural materials like sinew, wood, and feathers, believed to filter out bad dreams while allowing good dreams to pass through. They serve as a reminder of the power of dreams and the importance of cultivating positive thoughts.

Embrace the Serenity of Blue and the Radiance of Gold

The vibrant blue round star/flower beads evoke a sense of tranquility and calmness, while the gleaming gold beads radiate warmth and optimism. This harmonious blend of colors symbolizes the balance between serenity and ambition, reminding us to embrace both aspects of our existence.

Wear These Earrings with Confidence, Knowing They Represent:

  • Protection from negative thoughts and dreams
  • The power of positive thinking and manifestation
  • A harmonious balance between serenity and ambition
  • A connection to Native American tradition and spirituality

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