Horse Power Necklace


Colorful Painted Faux Turquoise Horses Necklace with fetish beads, 18″ long

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Gallop into the sunset with this whimsical “Colorful Painted Faux Turquoise Horses Necklace” by Beatrex Quntanna. This 18-inch handcrafted necklace features a vibrant collection of horse fetish beads in an array of colors. Fetish beads, traditionally used in West African cultures for their symbolic meaning, come in various shapes and forms, with horses representing strength, freedom, and nobility.

The star of the show is the central pendant, a stunning faux turquoise horse with a flowing blue mane. The use of painted turquoise adds a touch of Southwestern flair, while the various colored horse beads throughout the necklace create a playful and eye-catching design. This one-of-a-kind piece by Beatrex Quntanna is a perfect gift for any horse lover or anyone who cherishes bold and colorful jewelry.