Manifesting and Recalibrating Mirror Set


Take your Moon Book experience to the next level by using these mirrors with your manifesting and recalibrating lists!



Once your Manifesting or Recalibrating list is written, light a candle and read your list out loud. Once you have spoken your list aloud, place it under an eight-sided mirror for new/manifesting moons, or a circle mirror for full/releasing moons, then place a candle on top of the mirror. Let the candle burn out. You might put the candle, wishes, and mirror outside in the moonlight, on an altar you have built for the moon cycle, or in a special place in your home.

For your protection, make sure to use a candle that is in glass, such as a votive or seven-day candle. By the time your candle burns out your list has been activated.

Package contains one set:

  1. 1 New Moon octagon mirror
  2. 1 Full Moon round mirror


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