Silver Dragon Necklace


A silver dragon hung with natural amethyst plus notable amethyst beads.

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Unveil Your Inner Fire: The Beatrex Quntanna Silver Dragon Pendant with Amethyst Magic

Awaken your inner power and wisdom with this captivating Silver Dragon Pendant, meticulously crafted by renowned artist Beatrex Quntanna. More than just an ornament, this necklace is a talisman imbued with the potent energy of the dragon and the transformative magic of amethyst.

A Masterful Creation:

Beatrex Quntanna‘s artistry shines through in the intricate details of the silver dragon, its scales catching the light with a mesmerizing allure. The dragon, a symbol of strength, courage, and wisdom, becomes your guardian, ever vigilant and ready to guide you.
Natural amethyst, the stone of intuition and transformation, its deep purple hues echoing the depths of your potential. Additional amethyst beads cascade down the necklace, amplifying the stone’s powerful vibrations.

Embrace the Dragon’s Power:

This pendant is a constant reminder of your inherent strength and ability to overcome any obstacle. Channel the dragon’s fiery spirit as you pursue your dreams and navigate life’s challenges.
Amethyst, known for its calming and protective properties, fosters inner peace and clarity, allowing you to make wise decisions and tap into your intuition.

A Unique Heirloom:

Owning a Beatrex Quntanna piece is like owning a piece of art. This exquisite necklace is not just a fashion statement, but a potential heirloom to be cherished for generations.
Gift this empowering pendant to someone embarking on a new journey, facing challenges, or simply seeking to connect with their inner strength.


Unleash your inner dragon. Ignite your transformation. Add this Beatrex Quntanna Silver Dragon Pendant with Amethyst to your collection today.