Tibetan Numerology Weekend

Beatrex Quntanna and Global Turn On present:

A 2-day Event on Zoom

Tibetan Numerology

NEW DATES: September 11th & 12th, 2021

1:00 to 5:00pm PST each day

The Class will be on Zoom, you will get a link when you register with payment.

Day 1 will be an energetic understanding of each number’s value and how to build a Powerful Personal Force.

Day 2 will be about how to work a name equation, remove blocks, and look at timing cycles.

According to Tibetan tradition, everything that exists in the Earth plane has a mathematical formula. That mathematical formula defines whatever that object is. That is why we give everything a name. Every baby is given a name and this has implications towards one’s personal attraction force. This course will teach you how to work with the mathematical equation of existence. Specifically, we can speak to the power that exists within your name. Knowing the numerological value of your name gives you the ability to advance your personality power, understand your karma, and enliven your attraction force. In taking this course, you can see what kind of personality your name brings to the space in with you exist. This tradition of Tibetan Numerology is based upon the work of Greg Tiffen.

The cost of the whole weekend will be $195.00.
To register pay the deposit of $100.00.
The balance is due before you sign in to attend the first day of the workshop.

Questions? Call (760) 944-6020 or message us:

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