January 30th at 1:38 pm PST The New Moon in Aquarius brings us to a new level of awareness by opening the gateway for the Year of the Wood Horse. The Year of the Horse is considered auspicious in many ways; symbolically the Horse represents the power of action, mobility, and strength. It points us in the direction of freedom, independence, and happiness. It is highly energized and will take us on a ride beyond our wildest dreams. The key here is to take your controlling hands off the reigns and enjoy the ride. Slowing the Horse down will get nowhere and leave you behind in the dust.

The last two years we have been swimming in the Water element, facing deep emotional issues with the Dragon and the Snake. These reptiles have been presenting us with second dimensional power known as survival. This survival process revealed to us many emotions and feeling from lifetimes to transform, transmute, and accept as part of our primal self. The Dragon brought to a place where we could pierce the veil of illusion and remove our ego attachment to that illusion. The Snake brought us the ability to transform so that our personal evolution could occur.

We now are on solid ground and get to ride the Horse. It is a Wood Horse; the element of Wood will teach us how to contain our watery emotional-creative process and manifest a magnetic field for receiving gifts. Get ready for the ride of a lifetime.