Earth Day 2024 – RETURN TO NUMEROLOGY TO DISCOVER the mystery of Earth’s energy

Earth Day 2024 – RETURN TO NUMEROLOGY TO DISCOVER the mystery of Earth’s energy

Monday, Apr 22 is Earth Day

It is a wonder to realize the power of THE UNIVERSE. For years, we as citizens of the earth have suffered from separation, and in one day we see the influence of true integration fly through the sky and thousands of people come in for the true spirit to feel the power of totality.  The earth has many gifts for us to connect to in its vastness and our separation has left us cold.  I am truly amazed as the marketing moguls used the word totality for imprint consciousness to stand tall together and observe the event. I find myself at the dawning of Earth Day pondering what it means to be here on EARTH living an experience of totality.  So, my curiosity drives me to RETURN TO NUMEROLOGY TO DISCOVER the mystery of Earth’s energy.  


6 IN THE SPIRITUAL SECTION OF THE EQUATION is love, 6 Love goes to work with humanity, making service a reality

9 is the number for the mind and the intention behind our thoughts  

3 Rules the physical and creativity. Fun is the outcome of the number 3 it’s playful, social, laughter, theatre, and dance. 

To make a living on Earth we must meet with these aspects.  Let’s take a moment and work with the numbers.  Get your tarot cards out, shuffle, and ask; How am I doing, working with the energy of love here on Earth?  I got the WORLD CARD. Ask out loud, how am I doing with being a humanitarian?  I got the 4 of coins reversed. This means I need to become more organized to create a solid foundation.  3 In the physical section, I would ask, how am I doing with being creative?

Now it is time for you to pull your cards.  How am I doing with creativity? ………I got the 6 of cups.   What did you get?   

I look forward to you sharing your answers with me. 


A New Perspective on Freedom

A New Perspective on Freedom


My big word for today: Freedom. Feeling frustration with the choices I’ve made that I imagine limit my freedom. Curious what Beatrex has to say about what freedom means in the 4D/5D world. Why do I imagine that freedom will lead to loss and lack of love? This feels like a big piece coming up for healing and new perspective.


In Numerology Freedom is a 2/5/7…this is quite interesting to me. The number 2 in the spiritual indicates that freedom must be inspired by your spiritual nature and is influenced by balance. In other words freedom comes to those who do not allow themselves to be polarized by judgment. Harmony is the spiritual nature of freedom.

Mentally Freedom is a 5, this is the number of action, motion, variety, change, and expansion. “When one’s mind is expanded it is a free mind.” A free mind is not stuck—it is open and willing to change on a dime because it is free.

Physically the number is a 7. Seven is the number of the mind when it is its higher levels of intelligence because it can see the bigger picture. Knowledge is acquired in the physical when a lesson is experienced. This intelligence can look at options and can make choices knowing full well that in a state of freedom choices and options never stop.

4+5D requires us to accept freedom as a choice. 3D Freedom brings on resistance and a feeling of limitation which requires rebellion in order to make freedom happen. Rebellion leads to regret, self-doubt, and discouragement—all 3D Soul Suffering States of Being that are becoming extinct.

Use the following “Five Steps to Freedom” as journal prompts, to write away your perceived blocks to freedom from a 3D point of view. When we work with the concept of freedom we are soon presented with resistance. Freedom presents a pathway for us to bump directly into our limitations. When we can become aware of these limits, we can then find our way to freedom. The following are ideas that might assist you in seeing deeper into your resistance to accepting freedom into your life. Once you discover these you might want to add more to your Freedom List in the Moon Book.

  1. Feeling Useless. This happens when you measure yourself by what others think of you.
  2. Discouragement. This occurs when you blame others instead of taking responsibility for your part in a situation.
  3. Regret. This happens when you live inside past events and continue to rehearse your story, hoping that if you tell it enough, it will get resolved. Living in the past leads to regret and blocks you from freedom.
  4. Limitation. This happens when we think that there is no way out of a challenge, which creates an inability to see options. When options are out of the picture we become unable to create positive outcomes.
  5. Self-Doubt. This takes place when we think that others are better than we are. Growing cannot occur when we have given someone else our ceiling.

Last but not least, 4+5D freedom is freedom from judgment. Freedom from the need to be right. Freedom from your perception of the past and freedom from your perception of the future. Freedom lives in ‘the now’! The ticket to ‘the now’ is acceptance!

Look Beneath the Surface to Truly Know Yourself

Look Beneath the Surface to Truly Know Yourself

silhouetteThe De-Polarization of Trauma

All Behavior Has Purpose … it is our unconscious software that runs us. Often we are unaware of the motivation behind our behavior. Looking beneath the surface in order to know ourselves on a deeper level releases us from repeating circumstances that hound us and bring us suffering.

Remember, anything we can’t deal with in the conscious world gets stored beneath the surface in a place that is called the shadow self. The shadow-self stores our unexpressed feelings and experiences. It then continues to repeat the events back to us over and over again, like a broken record, until it becomes obvious to the conscious mind.

It is now time to recognize and to become aware of the motivation underlying your behavior. Often this becomes difficult because of the amount of storage held beneath the surface. Begin by becoming aware of what stories you tell about yourself over and over again. The older the story, the bigger the storage. Write down the story and tell it to yourself…out loud. Then ask yourself how this story or theme has repeated itself over and over again. Ask yourself, what is the wisdom behind this repeated event, theme or story? In other words, what did I miss or what did I forget to learn from this experience?

If you are needing to go deeper to access your underworld, your shadow self, write down a list of what you hate or judge on a continual basis. Say the list out loud and then ask yourself what story goes with the judgment or feeling of hate. This will get you to your underworld. You will become more aware of yourself and begin to release storage that keeps you from utilizing your full power in the present moment.