Geometric FormsA geometric form is a boundary of awareness necessary for self-definition on a dimensional level. When we build our own geometric form, we assign energy to a boundary specific to our need in the moment.

Before meditating or entering an altered state, it is a good idea to build a geometric form. Simply close your eyes and image before your eyes a geometric form. You may see the form, sense the form or hear the form depending on your primary mode of entering the creative world. Once you have determined for yourself what the form is, begin tracing it with your eyes, moving around the form. Your form may change shapes or dimensions; simply allow it to take its shape.

Once the boundary of the form has locked into shape, begin to have your geometric form whirl around your entire body, starting at the top of your head until it hits the bottom of your feet. Then send your form to the center of the earth to connect with the Great Mother. Once you have connected to her, bring your geometric form back to your feet and blow into it until it is as big as you are.

Now step inside your form and meditate. It is time to set and protect your boundaries before you meditate. You are about to advance to a new level and require more protection when you are in an altered state.