Judgment is part of the earth plane experience. As long as we live in a polarized world, there will be judgment. As a matter of fact, we need judgment on many occasions. For example, when we walk across the street and a truck is coming, it is judgment that keeps us from crossing the street in that moment.

We get in trouble with judgment when we look for agreement from others to prove our rightness. When we gather up a load of similar opinions on any subject that we judge, we are creating a false perception of safety. Investment in our judgment gives us “permission” to project it onto others in order to justify our position. When we invest in our judgment, we disallow the magnificence of the moment and lose what life brings us in the form of experience.

Spend time today and examine where your judgments are keeping you from living life. Where are you invested in being right and searching for opinions to back up your position? Simply know what feels right to you and move on. There is no need to prove your position. Remember: you are not your mind, you are your experience. Write down your judgments and see where you are projecting them. Remember: whatever you judge you are, you fear or you lack.