I give up my investment in being right. I accept myself as I am. I release blame and accept myself as the source of my experience. I know I am love, even when I am not. I find peace in my truths. I speak my truth to determine my peace. I set boundaries and allow others to do the same. I no longer live for others, I live for myself. I accept and embrace change as adventure. I see my experience as knowledge. I know that all that comes toward me is merely a reflection of me, whether I like it or not. I multiply quality, laughter, joy, beauty and ideas. I know my creativity is my key to being fruitful. I accept life as fun and laughter as healing. I stop taking myself seriously. I know my answers are within. I accept myself as an authority on me. I allow others to be their own authority. I stop living other peoples’ lives and live my own life. I give up control and bring in flexibility. I accept  responsibility for my creative power.  I allow my light to bring me awareness. I know and accept my duality and my polarity. I accept the paradoxes in myself, in others and in life. I know my free will is my gift; and I accept the choices that come with my free will. I take my power in all situations rather than letting things happen to me. I recognize my victories and acknowledge my accomplishments. I accept the fact that there is no one else like me. I allow my uniqueness, my identity and my originality to be a source of celebration. I know I have the power to manifest in every moment. I know flow requires opposites. I accept my opposites as a source of motivation. I interpret life for myself. I listen to my inner voice. I know I am the point of my own power. I risk reason for an experience. I let my past reconstruct behind me and move on. I give up reviewing and get into vision. I turn my fear into faith. I turn my judgment into understanding. I let negativity flow through me, not become me. I know I am the source of my life, my love and my experience. I am completely self-determined and give others the same right.

 I Am Love, I Am Light, I Am Life, I Am Peace, I Am Power,
I Am Beauty, I Am Harmony, I Am Abundance. I Am Joy.