Pink Carved Stone Tibetan Goddess Necklace


18″ long beaded chain with a pink stone carved Tibetan Goddess pendant, with Tibetan silver accents and amethyst beads

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Unveiling the divine feminine, this handcrafted pendant by Beatrex Quntanna features a captivating pink carved stone goddess face. The intricate details of the goddess are accentuated by a delicate stamped silver setting, adding a touch of elegance. The pendant hangs gracefully on an 18-inch-long beaded chain, adorned with a mesmerizing combination of amethyst gemstones and Tibetan silver beads. Each element is thoughtfully curated, imbuing the necklace with a touch of cultural intrigue and undeniable beauty. This exquisite piece is more than an adornment; it’s a wearable work of art that empowers the wearer to embrace their inner goddess.