Pisces Zodiac Necklace


  • 18 inches.
  • Pisces glyph Pendant with blue topaz and alexandrite beads
  • Genuine aquamarine gemstones and vintage eyelash brass beads
  • One of a kind
  • Handmade with love by Beatrex Quntanna

Unleash your inner dreamer. Embrace the mystery of the deep. The Beatrex Quntanna Pisces Pendant Necklace awaits.

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Beatrex Quntanna: Dive into the Ocean of Dreams – Pisces Pendant Necklace

Dive into the mesmerizing depths of your subconscious with the Beatrex Quntanna Pisces Pendant Necklace. This captivating creation evokes the swirling mystery of the Pisces, its every detail whispering of boundless imagination and emotional intuition.

Embrace the Unseen:

The pendant, a luminous Pisces glyph stands out as a statement piece. It’s a reminder that Pisces are masters of navigating the unseen, their intuition a compass guiding them through life’s hidden currents.

Woven with Dreamy Delicacy:

A collection of aquamarine gemstones, each a bold fragment of the ocean’s heart, dances around the pendant. These stones, known for their calming energy and association with emotional clarity, reflect the Pisces’s inherent empathy and capacity for deep feeling. Interwoven with the aquamarine are delicate vintage eyelash beads, wispy whispers of forgotten dreams and boundless creativity. They serve as a reminder that the Pisces’s imagination is a limitless ocean, forever churning with new possibilities.

What the Pisces Pendant Represents:

  • Intuition and Emotional Depth: Like the fish swimming through the depths, the Pisces possesses an innate understanding of the world’s emotional undercurrents. This necklace honors their intuitive wisdom and encourages them to trust their inner voice, even when it leads them into uncharted waters.
  • Creativity and Unbound Imagination: The Pisces’s mind is a boundless ocean of dreams and inspiration. The aquamarine gemstones and eyelash beads celebrate this limitless creativity, urging the wearer to embrace their artistic spirit and let their imagination flow freely.
  • Compassion and Empathy: The Pisces heart is as vast and deep as the ocean itself. The aquamarine’s calming energy reflects their inherent compassion and encourages them to navigate the world with empathy and understanding, offering solace to those in need.

A Beatrex Quntanna Masterpiece:

Every Beatrex Quntanna creation is a fusion of edgy elegance and raw power. The Pisces Pendant Necklace is no exception. Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, it’s a statement piece designed to spark wonder and ignite the dreamer within.

Whether you’re a Pisces yourself or simply drawn to the sign’s enigmatic allure, the Beatrex Quntanna Pisces Pendant Necklace is a powerful talisman waiting to be claimed. Dive into the depths of your own imagination, embrace the unseen, and let your intuition guide your way. Add this captivating necklace to your collection today and let your inner ocean shine.