Sky Power Yoga Chakra Earrings Set


Sky Power Yoga Chakra Earrings Set of 7 individual Chakra earrings representing each of the Chakras; Root/Passion, Sacral/Creative, Solar Plexus/Power, Heart/Love, Throat/Communication, Third Eye/Vision and Crown/Connection.


What is a Chakra?

A chakra is a geometric form that captures energy with a specific purpose. So much so that it has become a boundary of
awareness designated to a particular body area to determine healing, an awakening, or a recalibration.

Activate your inner lights by opening up to the Sacred Geometry of each Chakra when you wear these earrings.

Celebrate this activation system by picking one Chakra earring for your left ear to activate a part of your spiritual anatomy, and one for your right ear to release a part of your spiritual anatomy that needs to relax.

Beatrex Quntanna created these Chakra Earrings.



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