Wise Owl Evil Eye House Jewelry


Wise Owl Evil Eye House Jewelry is made of Tibetan silver beads, lapis lazuli beads, enamel evil eye beads, and a charming silver-toned owl pendant with hanging bells.

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Wise Owl Evil Eye House Jewelry: Protection and Wisdom for Your Home

Welcome positive energy and ward off negativity with the Wise Owl Evil Eye House Jewelry. This unique piece combines powerful symbols to create a charming and protective addition to your home décor.


  • Wise Owl Pendant: A silver-toned owl pendant, a symbol of wisdom and intuition, takes center stage.
  • Protective Bells: Delicate bells hanging from the owl add a touch of whimsy and are believed to ward off negativity with their gentle chime.
  • Tibetan Silver Beads: Elegant Tibetan silver beads add a touch of cultural flair and grounding energy.
  • Lapis Lazuli Beads: Deep blue Lapis Lazuli beads, known as a stone of protection and good luck, enhance the charm’s protective qualities.
  • Enamel Evil Eye Beads: Vibrant enamel evil eye beads, a universal symbol of warding off negativity, complete the design.

More than just decoration: This Wise Owl Evil Eye House Jewelry is not just a beautiful ornament; it serves as a powerful charm to:

  • Promote positive energy: The combination of owl, lapis lazuli, and evil eye symbols creates a harmonious and protective atmosphere.
  • Invite wisdom and good fortune: The wise owl pendant attracts positive energy and encourages thoughtful decision-making.
  • Ward off negativity: The evil eye symbol deters negativity and brings a sense of security.

A touch of charm for any space: Hang this delightful piece in your entryway, living room, or any space that needs a touch of protection and positive vibes.

Made with quality materials:

  • Tibetan silver beads
  • Lapis lazuli beads
  • Enamel evil eye beads
  • Silver-toned owl pendant with bells

Bring wisdom, protection, and a touch of magic into your home. Order your Wise Owl Evil Eye House Jewelry today!