December 2013: Cosmic Consciousness Shifts with the ISON Comet

December 2013: Cosmic Consciousness Shifts with the ISON Comet

CometComet ISON holds 4 million years of memory in its ice body that has been a part of the boundary between our inner and outer Solar System since the beginning of creation. The symbolic meaning for ice is frozen consciousness. When ice hits fire it melts bringing forth a new consciousness on earth.

Think about this bio-spiritual integration that has been waiting 4 million years to pour down upon us at this time in the constellation of Sagittarius. This is going to prove to be a major awakening for all of us walking on the earth at this time. To enhance this experience for yourself it would be a good idea for you to see where Sagittarius is in your chart. Remember, Sagittarius is all about higher knowledge and this bio-spiritual integration will take place in that area of your consciousness.

For more information about this time, watch the Cosmic Check-In video here »

November 2013: Miraculous Changes!

November 2013: Miraculous Changes!

The Sun moved into Scorpio on the 22nd of October at 11:11am … quite an auspicious time, with due respect to Scorpio it wouldn’t be any different. It joins up with Saturn and Mercury retrograde in Scorpio bringing us to a knowing that it is time to live from the inside out.

We must consider that Saturn in Scorpio is teaching us to take dominion over our shadow side. Remember everything we resist experiencing gets placed in the shadow to be dealt with at a later date. That later date is now! This is why so many of us are having familiar experiences; if so you are in the right place at the right time.

The Sun being in Scorpio will flash a light on what needs attention at this time. When we live under the Scorpio Sun we are to look at the concepts of desire and transformation. The concept of desire always leads us to a block that has to be transformed before receiving what our desire has intended. Often we give up and in doing so we place the unfulfilled desire in our shadow side. Saturn’s job right now is to teach us what is necessary to get out of resistance accept the block, and transform the desire back to consciousness in order to manifest! When we accept Saturn as our teacher we get receive the reward.

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio opens up a pathway to express the deeper side of our unspoken world. Take a chance this month to use the transformational power of Scorpio to unleash and set your shadow free. Let Mercury’s curiosity do research in the caverns of your inner world to discover unexpressed desires you have hidden from yourself and let the transformational power of Scorpio set you free.

The eclipse is asking you to be aware of where you were 19 years ago, 1994, what were your desires and what was transforming.

There are many planets going out of retrograde and Jupiter going into retrograde all within 10 days of each other, this combined with the solar rays and super sensitivity makes for an up-grade in our DNA and an opening to new soul codes.

For more information see the Cosmic Check-In video here »