It’s 2018 and Capricorn Takes the Spotlight

It’s 2018 and Capricorn Takes the Spotlight

The Capricorn moon will be the reincarnation of Spirit emerging from the dark waters of our past emotions and releasing us from our fear of change and our fear of loss. Awaken your powerful and positive spiritual connection to be open to new possibilities. Ask yourself to release your emotional loyalty to the past. We are reminded of our need for material and emotional security at this time. In order to ensure this, we must learn to build a foundation for ourselves that is lit from within, made from the materials of love, goodwill, and intelligence.

When first contemplating 2018, I saw a vision of DNA strands circling in bright lights. The lights contained all the all numbers and planets within the boundaries of the DNA geometry. It was quite a sight and has become the inspiration for the Year 2018, the Year of Illumination.

In Tibetan Numerology, 2018 is an 11 year. When we reach the number 11, the Universe makes a cycle of completion and gateways open to a space of wonder. When something is complete it reaches a level of perfection. We all receive a recalibration of refinement and illumination that holds space in eternity. It is something quite wonderful when all is included and nothing is left out. The challenges in numerology become blessings under the umbrella of eleven. This allows for all that has been created to be renewed in the space of eternity and infinity, illuminated in its vastness. We must accept the embrace of this enhanced height and width by opening to all the surprises that will come forth and be presented to us. Spend time this year holding your arms out wide as a symbol of capturing assigned and un-assigned fields of energy. This establishes pathways flowing to you so the fulfillment of the year’s promise can be yours.

After the first day of 2018 we begin the year without any retrogrades and move forward without planetary resistance until March. In other words we have left our romantic/emotional attachment to the past behind in 2017. The opening act of the full moon on day one did a clean sweep, making sure we entered this year squeaky clean.

We then moved into home base with Saturn returning to Capricorn after a 27-year journey, joining the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto. This set a structural baseline for the year, setting the stage for success and accomplishment. We must remember it is Capricorn that asks us to be useful, or to be used. Let’s look at the planets and see the structural support available to us to do so. We see the Sun there as the director shining the light motivating self-fulfillment. We have Mercury providing the words or language to produce the results required. Then Venus opens the creative process to be applied under the umbrella of practicality, a rare moment in time for Venus. Last, but not least, Pluto will manifest it for you when you get survival out of the question and simply go for the gusto. It is your ability to respond that leads you up the mountain top, all the tools are available to Go—Go—Go NOW.