moon-graphicOn the Full Moon we have an opportunity to let go and set ourselves free from parts of our life that are not working. We are now living in a quantum reality where past and future are no longer a reality. So with this in mind I have come up with the word for letting go in this new dimension, this word is re-calibration. Re-calibration takes the idea of letting go into the past and future, as well as other dimensions where stuckness still occurs.

For example, you want great wealth so you might want to re-calibrate any blocks to achieving great wealth. In so doing the concept of recalibration will eliminate any past dimensions where one might have taken a vow of poverty.

Re-calibration asks us to expand, supersede, and include so that the block can no longer be a block. It also allows transformation to happen without death, which is huge because because that eliminates fear where change is happening.