Black Carved Dragon Prayer Beads


Carved Black Dragon Prayer Beads 38″ total length

24″ length hanging

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Unleash the power within with these Carved Black Dragon Prayer Beads. Handcrafted for a total length of 38 inches, these impressive prayer beads drape dramatically at 24 inches when hung. The centerpiece features a carved black dragon, a powerful symbol in many cultures representing strength, protection, and wisdom. Each bead is meticulously carved, creating a textural and visually engaging piece.

These prayer beads are more than just an accessory; they can be used for meditation, mindfulness practices, or simply as a reminder of your inner strength. The black color evokes mystery and power, while the intricate carvings on the beads invite contemplation and focus. As you hold these beads and run them through your fingers, let the dragon spirit guide you and awaken your potential.

This impressive piece is perfect for anyone who seeks a powerful meditation tool or a unique and symbolic statement piece.