Purple Dragon Necklace


Purple dragon pendant statement piece necklace with amethyst crystals, and corrugated beads .

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Unleash Your Inner Dragon: Beatrex Quntanna’s 2024 Year of the Dragon Pendant Necklace

Embrace the power and fortune of the dragon with this stunning creation by Beatrex Quntanna. This pendant necklace, part of her exclusive Year of the Dragon 2024 Collection, features an enamel dragon crafted in a majestic purple, the color of royalty and ambition. Sparkling amethyst crystals adorn the chain, adding a touch of elegance and amplifying the stone’s symbolic properties of protection and inner strength.

The corrugated beads add a touch of texture and visual intrigue, while the overall design embodies the powerful spirit and potential associated with the Year of the Dragon. This unique necklace is a perfect way to celebrate the year and to attract success and prosperity.

Unleash your inner dragon. Ignite your transformation. Add this Beatrex Quntanna Purple Dragon Pendant with Amethyst Beads to your collection today.