Look Beneath the Surface to Truly Know Yourself

Look Beneath the Surface to Truly Know Yourself

silhouetteThe De-Polarization of Trauma

All Behavior Has Purpose … it is our unconscious software that runs us. Often we are unaware of the motivation behind our behavior. Looking beneath the surface in order to know ourselves on a deeper level releases us from repeating circumstances that hound us and bring us suffering.

Remember, anything we can’t deal with in the conscious world gets stored beneath the surface in a place that is called the shadow self. The shadow-self stores our unexpressed feelings and experiences. It then continues to repeat the events back to us over and over again, like a broken record, until it becomes obvious to the conscious mind.

It is now time to recognize and to become aware of the motivation underlying your behavior. Often this becomes difficult because of the amount of storage held beneath the surface. Begin by becoming aware of what stories you tell about yourself over and over again. The older the story, the bigger the storage. Write down the story and tell it to yourself…out loud. Then ask yourself how this story or theme has repeated itself over and over again. Ask yourself, what is the wisdom behind this repeated event, theme or story? In other words, what did I miss or what did I forget to learn from this experience?

If you are needing to go deeper to access your underworld, your shadow self, write down a list of what you hate or judge on a continual basis. Say the list out loud and then ask yourself what story goes with the judgment or feeling of hate. This will get you to your underworld. You will become more aware of yourself and begin to release storage that keeps you from utilizing your full power in the present moment.

Election Reflection

Election Reflection

The energy of the new moon according to the Sabian Symbol at 7-degrees Scorpio has a lot to do with Reflection. I was taught by my Tibetan teacher that according to the Arcane Laws when we master Reflection we get the gift of Infinite Awareness. The pathway moving towards mastering the Law of Reflection starts with knowing judgement as a reflection. When we find ourselves judging we must recognize whatever we judge we are, we fear, or we lack. The election has brought this into the foreground better than anything I have ever experienced. So I will present you with a major Tarot Question:

Shuffle your cards and ask, “how does Trump represent me?” Shuffle again and ask, “how does Hilary represent me?” Depending on how judgmental you are, you may not want to pull cards.

Whatever you judge you are, you fear, or you lack

Under the Arcane Laws that govern this Galaxy of Adaptation, we need to look at the Fourth Arcane Law: the Law of Reflection. The Law of Reflection shows us and demonstrates to us self definition. We have the opportunity to see ourselves in every moment by what we have attracted to us. It is our attraction and what we do with our attraction that allows or disallows manifestation to occur. When judgment comes into play it is a good sign to get conscious and look in the mirror. It is judgment that shows us who we are, whether conscious or unconscious.

To work with judgment from a conscious space we must ask ourselves three questions:

  1. Am I judging what I am and what I am unwilling to accept in myself? In truth the answer is “yes” because you cannot put a label on anything unless you know it within yourself. This axiom allows for self discovery and releases projected judgment. Thus, judgment becomes your greatest teacher and self evaluator. Judgment teaches us what we need to understand and accept in ourselves.
  2. Am I judging what I fear? Whenever fear comes into play it is a good sign for us to note that we are separated from love and unwilling to communicate that we see ourselves as unlovable. Remember, what you fear you bring to yourself. Once again, the Law of Reflection comes into play and we attract people, places, or events that we judge as bad or wrong because we fear them. If used correctly, these attractions are opportunities to express our fear. It is often fear that blocks our experience and our soul purpose, for being on the Earth Plane is to experience. If we are too judgmental and critical of others a paranoia occurs promoting a fear that permeates our daily lives, blocking and paralyzing our experience, reflecting to us our fear of being judged. Fear-based judgments teach us where we have judged ourselves as unlovable.
  3. Am I judging what I lack? Lack is the denial of manifestation. When we deny ourselves the privilege of manifesting we have to spend a lot of time justifying our unmanifested self. So we then begin judging what other people have done in order to manifest and we defend our powerlessness with justification. When we find ourselves judging someone for having something we don´t have, this is a sign that shows us where we have sold out and denied ourselves the abundance that is available to us at all times here on the Earth Plane. Ask yourself, “have I denied myself Abundance?” If the answer is “yes”, make a wish list and go for it!

Perhaps you have been too critical of yourself and others. If so, it is time to look into the mirror of reflection and ask: Am I judging what I am? Am I judging what I fear? Am I judging what I lack?

Duality is When Opposites Come Together and Work as a Team

Duality is When Opposites Come Together and Work as a Team

yin-yangWe must come to the understanding that polarized energies are no longer valid. Now is the time to realign our polarities into duality and discover the validity of complementary energy fields. If you stay polarized, separation will occur and you may feel quite alone. The either-or game is no longer appropriate; it promotes vacillation that postpones life.

The key is to find where opposites can work together, rather than believing that you have to choose one or the other. Discover where you have strayed too far to the left or too far to the right in any situation and learn how both sides can serve you.

Remember, if you are only using one side of any equation there is an imbalance and you begin to justify your position from a place of righteousness. Righteousness is a judgment that makes the side you didn’t choose wrong. Making any side wrong creates polarity. The resulting separation keeps you in a space where you are defined by your position rather than your choice. Being on one side of any equation creates an imbalance. Look to see how your opposites can work as complements. Working with both sides asks you to expand, supersede and include rather than separate.

Learn to take advantage of the best of both worlds. This is duality. Duality is when opposites come together and work as a team. Teamwork and partnership are the keys to successful living.

Enlightenment is Giving Up Your Investment in Being Right

Enlightenment is Giving Up Your Investment in Being Right

Judgment is part of the earth plane experience. As long as we live in a polarized world, there will be judgment. As a matter of fact, we need judgment on many occasions. For example, when we walk across the street and a truck is coming, it is judgment that keeps us from crossing the street in that moment.

We get in trouble with judgment when we look for agreement from others to prove our rightness. When we gather up a load of similar opinions on any subject that we judge, we are creating a false perception of safety. Investment in our judgment gives us “permission” to project it onto others in order to justify our position. When we invest in our judgment, we disallow the magnificence of the moment and lose what life brings us in the form of experience.

Spend time today and examine where your judgments are keeping you from living life. Where are you invested in being right and searching for opinions to back up your position? Simply know what feels right to you and move on. There is no need to prove your position. Remember: you are not your mind, you are your experience. Write down your judgments and see where you are projecting them. Remember: whatever you judge you are, you fear or you lack.