Look Beneath the Surface to Truly Know Yourself

Look Beneath the Surface to Truly Know Yourself

silhouetteThe De-Polarization of Trauma

All Behavior Has Purpose … it is our unconscious software that runs us. Often we are unaware of the motivation behind our behavior. Looking beneath the surface in order to know ourselves on a deeper level releases us from repeating circumstances that hound us and bring us suffering.

Remember, anything we can’t deal with in the conscious world gets stored beneath the surface in a place that is called the shadow self. The shadow-self stores our unexpressed feelings and experiences. It then continues to repeat the events back to us over and over again, like a broken record, until it becomes obvious to the conscious mind.

It is now time to recognize and to become aware of the motivation underlying your behavior. Often this becomes difficult because of the amount of storage held beneath the surface. Begin by becoming aware of what stories you tell about yourself over and over again. The older the story, the bigger the storage. Write down the story and tell it to yourself…out loud. Then ask yourself how this story or theme has repeated itself over and over again. Ask yourself, what is the wisdom behind this repeated event, theme or story? In other words, what did I miss or what did I forget to learn from this experience?

If you are needing to go deeper to access your underworld, your shadow self, write down a list of what you hate or judge on a continual basis. Say the list out loud and then ask yourself what story goes with the judgment or feeling of hate. This will get you to your underworld. You will become more aware of yourself and begin to release storage that keeps you from utilizing your full power in the present moment.

End Peace as a Polarity: Pray for Paradise

End Peace as a Polarity: Pray for Paradise

Peace is a polarity. Opposites (polarities) work hand-in-hand, so when we focus on one aspect of a polarity we give energy to the opposite end of the polarity. In other words, we can’t know one side of a polarity without knowing its opposite. When we pray for Peace, we create its opposite … War. Peace is the absence of conflict and requires war, the activation of conflict, to determine itself. We make War to create Peace. This polarity, (Peace/War) is so strong in our consciousness and so deeply embedded in our cells that it is guaranteed to work.

Perhaps we need a new prayer that doesn’t have such a great polarity attachment. The earth plane is a school where we learn through conflict and resistance. When we make resistance our teacher rather than our enemy, we can reduce conflict and advance as a civilization beyond war to a place called Paradise.

It is a good idea to sit down and examine what you are warring with in your life and in your mind. Write down your biggest conflicts and resistances. Ask yourself where are you rebelling. Discover what you are praying for, consciously or unconsciously, and then look for the opposite side of your prayer to see what you are creating for yourself. The elimination of conflict comes when we embrace the conflict and its polarity. Accept the fact that you have the ability to advance beyond conflict, by including it in your experience rather than fighting with it.

November 2013: Miraculous Changes!

November 2013: Miraculous Changes!

The Sun moved into Scorpio on the 22nd of October at 11:11am … quite an auspicious time, with due respect to Scorpio it wouldn’t be any different. It joins up with Saturn and Mercury retrograde in Scorpio bringing us to a knowing that it is time to live from the inside out.

We must consider that Saturn in Scorpio is teaching us to take dominion over our shadow side. Remember everything we resist experiencing gets placed in the shadow to be dealt with at a later date. That later date is now! This is why so many of us are having familiar experiences; if so you are in the right place at the right time.

The Sun being in Scorpio will flash a light on what needs attention at this time. When we live under the Scorpio Sun we are to look at the concepts of desire and transformation. The concept of desire always leads us to a block that has to be transformed before receiving what our desire has intended. Often we give up and in doing so we place the unfulfilled desire in our shadow side. Saturn’s job right now is to teach us what is necessary to get out of resistance accept the block, and transform the desire back to consciousness in order to manifest! When we accept Saturn as our teacher we get receive the reward.

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio opens up a pathway to express the deeper side of our unspoken world. Take a chance this month to use the transformational power of Scorpio to unleash and set your shadow free. Let Mercury’s curiosity do research in the caverns of your inner world to discover unexpressed desires you have hidden from yourself and let the transformational power of Scorpio set you free.

The eclipse is asking you to be aware of where you were 19 years ago, 1994, what were your desires and what was transforming.

There are many planets going out of retrograde and Jupiter going into retrograde all within 10 days of each other, this combined with the solar rays and super sensitivity makes for an up-grade in our DNA and an opening to new soul codes.

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