Look Beneath the Surface to Truly Know Yourself

Look Beneath the Surface to Truly Know Yourself

silhouetteThe De-Polarization of Trauma

All Behavior Has Purpose … it is our unconscious software that runs us. Often we are unaware of the motivation behind our behavior. Looking beneath the surface in order to know ourselves on a deeper level releases us from repeating circumstances that hound us and bring us suffering.

Remember, anything we can’t deal with in the conscious world gets stored beneath the surface in a place that is called the shadow self. The shadow-self stores our unexpressed feelings and experiences. It then continues to repeat the events back to us over and over again, like a broken record, until it becomes obvious to the conscious mind.

It is now time to recognize and to become aware of the motivation underlying your behavior. Often this becomes difficult because of the amount of storage held beneath the surface. Begin by becoming aware of what stories you tell about yourself over and over again. The older the story, the bigger the storage. Write down the story and tell it to yourself…out loud. Then ask yourself how this story or theme has repeated itself over and over again. Ask yourself, what is the wisdom behind this repeated event, theme or story? In other words, what did I miss or what did I forget to learn from this experience?

If you are needing to go deeper to access your underworld, your shadow self, write down a list of what you hate or judge on a continual basis. Say the list out loud and then ask yourself what story goes with the judgment or feeling of hate. This will get you to your underworld. You will become more aware of yourself and begin to release storage that keeps you from utilizing your full power in the present moment.

Enlightenment is Giving Up Your Investment in Being Right

Enlightenment is Giving Up Your Investment in Being Right

Judgment is part of the earth plane experience. As long as we live in a polarized world, there will be judgment. As a matter of fact, we need judgment on many occasions. For example, when we walk across the street and a truck is coming, it is judgment that keeps us from crossing the street in that moment.

We get in trouble with judgment when we look for agreement from others to prove our rightness. When we gather up a load of similar opinions on any subject that we judge, we are creating a false perception of safety. Investment in our judgment gives us “permission” to project it onto others in order to justify our position. When we invest in our judgment, we disallow the magnificence of the moment and lose what life brings us in the form of experience.

Spend time today and examine where your judgments are keeping you from living life. Where are you invested in being right and searching for opinions to back up your position? Simply know what feels right to you and move on. There is no need to prove your position. Remember: you are not your mind, you are your experience. Write down your judgments and see where you are projecting them. Remember: whatever you judge you are, you fear or you lack.





Everything You Ever Wanted is One Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Everything You Ever Wanted is One Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Photo © Samara Johnson

The soul’s purpose is to experience. The mind’s purpose is to judge and allow or deny the experience. The emotion’s purpose is to express or repress the experience. The body’s purpose is to facilitate or to store the experience.

Through the passageway of this axiom we can look within and see how deeply embedded our denial or determination is. This axiom shows us that our primal choice is to experience life through action and demonstrate how we allow judgment to stop the experience. When we deny our experience, we store it for a later date. In storing or warehousing our experience, we can trust that it will come up again, giving us an opportunity to complete.

Remember, thought precedes action. How often we get stuck in thought and never move to the allowing, expressing or facilitating  part of the equation. The risk required for action is often uncomfortable. Taking a risk shows us whether or not we are committed to life and to ourselves. Making the statement, ”I’m going for it no matter what,” requires faith. (Faith cannot be determined without risk.) Everything you ever wanted is one step beyond your comfort zone.

If you are reading this today, you are being asked to go for it and experience the gusto that comes when you go one step beyond that which you have judged as comfortable.

Image © Samara Johnson – used with permission