A New Perspective on Freedom

A New Perspective on Freedom


My big word for today: Freedom. Feeling frustration with the choices I’ve made that I imagine limit my freedom. Curious what Beatrex has to say about what freedom means in the 4D/5D world. Why do I imagine that freedom will lead to loss and lack of love? This feels like a big piece coming up for healing and new perspective.


In Numerology Freedom is a 2/5/7…this is quite interesting to me. The number 2 in the spiritual indicates that freedom must be inspired by your spiritual nature and is influenced by balance. In other words freedom comes to those who do not allow themselves to be polarized by judgment. Harmony is the spiritual nature of freedom.

Mentally Freedom is a 5, this is the number of action, motion, variety, change, and expansion. “When one’s mind is expanded it is a free mind.” A free mind is not stuck—it is open and willing to change on a dime because it is free.

Physically the number is a 7. Seven is the number of the mind when it is its higher levels of intelligence because it can see the bigger picture. Knowledge is acquired in the physical when a lesson is experienced. This intelligence can look at options and can make choices knowing full well that in a state of freedom choices and options never stop.

4+5D requires us to accept freedom as a choice. 3D Freedom brings on resistance and a feeling of limitation which requires rebellion in order to make freedom happen. Rebellion leads to regret, self-doubt, and discouragement—all 3D Soul Suffering States of Being that are becoming extinct.

Use the following “Five Steps to Freedom” as journal prompts, to write away your perceived blocks to freedom from a 3D point of view. When we work with the concept of freedom we are soon presented with resistance. Freedom presents a pathway for us to bump directly into our limitations. When we can become aware of these limits, we can then find our way to freedom. The following are ideas that might assist you in seeing deeper into your resistance to accepting freedom into your life. Once you discover these you might want to add more to your Freedom List in the Moon Book.

  1. Feeling Useless. This happens when you measure yourself by what others think of you.
  2. Discouragement. This occurs when you blame others instead of taking responsibility for your part in a situation.
  3. Regret. This happens when you live inside past events and continue to rehearse your story, hoping that if you tell it enough, it will get resolved. Living in the past leads to regret and blocks you from freedom.
  4. Limitation. This happens when we think that there is no way out of a challenge, which creates an inability to see options. When options are out of the picture we become unable to create positive outcomes.
  5. Self-Doubt. This takes place when we think that others are better than we are. Growing cannot occur when we have given someone else our ceiling.

Last but not least, 4+5D freedom is freedom from judgment. Freedom from the need to be right. Freedom from your perception of the past and freedom from your perception of the future. Freedom lives in ‘the now’! The ticket to ‘the now’ is acceptance!

2017 … Let the games begin!

2017 … Let the games begin!

Calendar_2017_cover_webMercury went out of retrograde yesterday giving us the gift of a new year without any leftovers. Now the gateway is open until retrogrades start on February 5th. This will give you all a boost on the acceleration energy for the year.

Many of you have shared it is hard to know what to focus on as a goal or intent. Now that Mercury is direct all the glory and fun of the new possibilities will start coming forward. 2017 is a “10” year and is all about new beginnings, so expect your higher-self to be presenting many visions, coming attractions, and previews to be in your field. The best perspective is to take time with these and watch them as if you were at the movies. A shot-gun effect will be the best way to go. This will keep your options open and experience will show you the way go. You may notice these visions grow as you apply action to them. Then acceleration will begin.

The Moon is full in Cancer on the 12th make sure you get your re-calibration list ready so your slate is clear of the past so acceleration is easy. The Moon goes into Leo one hour after the Moon is full. So at that time you will see what coming attraction has a leading roll waiting for you!

Uncovering the Essence of Love with Tibetan Numerology

Uncovering the Essence of Love with Tibetan Numerology

This comes from my Tibetan teacher who is no longer on this side. Since this is the month that opens to the idea of love with Valentine’s Day, I thought you all might enjoy how he used Tibetan Numerology to gather the essence of a word:

All words, regardless of what language we use, have numerological value. That is, each word in a language resonates to a particular frequency range of vibration. The letters in the word are links in the vibratory chain and tell us what the word is really meant to express or have us do to fulfill its meaning.

Love is a four-letter word. It has then, four links. Each link has to be taken in sequence. It is that sequence that defines how the manifested action of the word will flow. By following the vibratory sequence, we then have an absolute guide to the word’s meaning and the results we can achieve by using it.

Link #1 … The letter L = 3 … Creative.
The creative quality is not limited. It can follow a design if it likes, but more often than not, it follows its own natural flow. The first link tell us that love is not to be given a system or style other than that which we wish to apply. When two people meet, they find creative ways of attracting and interfacing. The more creative, the more chance love has to manifest. With no rules to worry about, two people can find the unique and exciting elements of each other.

Link #2 … The letter O = 10 … Progressive.
Stagnation will defeat love energy just as well as it will defeat any form of growth. This link in the chain tells us to move onward. It warns against repetition and apathy. It opens the door to unlimited possibilities and urges us to find new places and expressions. It transforms us from the usual and expected to the innovative and spontaneous.

Link #3 … The letter V = 9 … Emotions.
Love, to be love, must be felt. The emotions conveyed and heightened by the five physical senses are what this link brings to our attention. Sometimes it is joy, sometimes pain, but always a consuming awareness that we are involved in something deeper than our intellect and stronger than our desires. We are asked to transform physical emotions into spiritual emotions and find love on its highest level. Only then will we understand its complete meaning.

Link #4 … The letter E = 5 … Energy.
Love is not static. It is a powerful force, generating more energy as it is used. It is a perpetual motion machine, a nuclear power plant; a galactic nova. It is never content to just be. It must find new mountains to climb, new adventures to pursue. It welcomes challenge as it brings out the best in us.

The next time you ask yourself if you’re in love, ask yourself if you are creative, progressive, emotional and energetic about the relationship. If the answer is, “yes”, then proceed with confidence. You may have found the right person to be with.”

– GT