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Wrap a candle with White Tara, the Mother of Compassion, for health, healing, longevity, wisdom, and purification. Her mantra is included on the wrapper, “Om Taré Tuttaré Turé Mama Ah Yuh Pune Jana Pustim Kuru Soha”, to be said as a repeated prayer to her, for relief from suffering and to heal all wounds (body and mind).

Download, print, and apply! The Copyright watermark will not appear on the downloaded product. This item is a print-quality jpeg file (4 MB) that you can download immediately and print out on your printer. See instructions below.

Create a candle perfect for any area of your home, your meditation altar, or give as a gift!

All rights reserved. This material may not be redistributed in whole or part without the express written permission from Beatrex Quntanna.


After you have placed your order with payment, you will receive an email at the address you provided. The email contains a link to click and the file will begin downloading immediately. The link will expire after 90 days. If anything goes wrong downloading the file, try again, you have a few of tries available.

Supplies you will need (not included): candle in a glass container, printer and paper, scissors, tape

In your printer settings dialog box, be sure this is scaled at 100% size, centered on page. This wrapper should be an appropriate size for the “7-day candles” that come in a tall glass container (see photo), they are inexpensive and widely available, and you can usually find these at the grocery store or dollar store, next to the “Jesus candles”. If you need to adjust the size, adjust your printer settings.

Use scissors to cut out around the edge of the image. Use a glue stick, clear tape, or double-stick tape along the sides of the wrapper, at the back of the candle, to apply. It is unnecessary to tape down the top and bottom edges that wrap around the candle. Be sure to pull any price tags off the side of your candle before you apply, or they will show through the wrapper when you light the candle.

Your regular printer paper from an inkjet or laser printer will work!
Optional: use a thinner paper or velum that is appropriate for your printer.


  • Take precautions when lighting.
  • Do not have burning candle near taller or overhanging objects that might catch fire.
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.


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