Uncovering the Essence of Love with Tibetan Numerology

Uncovering the Essence of Love with Tibetan Numerology

This comes from my Tibetan teacher who is no longer on this side. Since this is the month that opens to the idea of love with Valentine’s Day, I thought you all might enjoy how he used Tibetan Numerology to gather the essence of a word:

All words, regardless of what language we use, have numerological value. That is, each word in a language resonates to a particular frequency range of vibration. The letters in the word are links in the vibratory chain and tell us what the word is really meant to express or have us do to fulfill its meaning.

Love is a four-letter word. It has then, four links. Each link has to be taken in sequence. It is that sequence that defines how the manifested action of the word will flow. By following the vibratory sequence, we then have an absolute guide to the word’s meaning and the results we can achieve by using it.

Link #1 … The letter L = 3 … Creative.
The creative quality is not limited. It can follow a design if it likes, but more often than not, it follows its own natural flow. The first link tell us that love is not to be given a system or style other than that which we wish to apply. When two people meet, they find creative ways of attracting and interfacing. The more creative, the more chance love has to manifest. With no rules to worry about, two people can find the unique and exciting elements of each other.

Link #2 … The letter O = 10 … Progressive.
Stagnation will defeat love energy just as well as it will defeat any form of growth. This link in the chain tells us to move onward. It warns against repetition and apathy. It opens the door to unlimited possibilities and urges us to find new places and expressions. It transforms us from the usual and expected to the innovative and spontaneous.

Link #3 … The letter V = 9 … Emotions.
Love, to be love, must be felt. The emotions conveyed and heightened by the five physical senses are what this link brings to our attention. Sometimes it is joy, sometimes pain, but always a consuming awareness that we are involved in something deeper than our intellect and stronger than our desires. We are asked to transform physical emotions into spiritual emotions and find love on its highest level. Only then will we understand its complete meaning.

Link #4 … The letter E = 5 … Energy.
Love is not static. It is a powerful force, generating more energy as it is used. It is a perpetual motion machine, a nuclear power plant; a galactic nova. It is never content to just be. It must find new mountains to climb, new adventures to pursue. It welcomes challenge as it brings out the best in us.

The next time you ask yourself if you’re in love, ask yourself if you are creative, progressive, emotional and energetic about the relationship. If the answer is, “yes”, then proceed with confidence. You may have found the right person to be with.”

– GT

Faith Cannot be Determined Without Risk

Faith Cannot be Determined Without Risk

Faith requires us to move forward in our life without knowing the outcome. Under the umbrella of reason, taking risks makes no sense. ”Only a fool risks reason.” Yet, it is our risking and moving beyond reason that determines our faith. When we risk, we experience a moment of absolute freedom from limitation and reconnect to the boundlessness of our super-consciousness. Our super-consciousness directs all manifestations from within and is the activating principle of all existence and expression. Faith is the vitality principle that occurs prior to manifestation.

If you are reading this today, it is time for you to move to a new level in your life. You are being asked to let go of reason and to move forward in faith trusting that all outcomes are in your favor. It is time to sidestep logic and move to new uncharted waters far beyond the bounds of limitations. Be willing to risk reason for an experience.



I give up my investment in being right. I accept myself as I am. I release blame and accept myself as the source of my experience. I know I am love, even when I am not. I find peace in my truths. I speak my truth to determine my peace. I set boundaries and allow others to do the same. I no longer live for others, I live for myself. I accept and embrace change as adventure. I see my experience as knowledge. I know that all that comes toward me is merely a reflection of me, whether I like it or not. I multiply quality, laughter, joy, beauty and ideas. I know my creativity is my key to being fruitful. I accept life as fun and laughter as healing. I stop taking myself seriously. I know my answers are within. I accept myself as an authority on me. I allow others to be their own authority. I stop living other peoples’ lives and live my own life. I give up control and bring in flexibility. I accept  responsibility for my creative power.  I allow my light to bring me awareness. I know and accept my duality and my polarity. I accept the paradoxes in myself, in others and in life. I know my free will is my gift; and I accept the choices that come with my free will. I take my power in all situations rather than letting things happen to me. I recognize my victories and acknowledge my accomplishments. I accept the fact that there is no one else like me. I allow my uniqueness, my identity and my originality to be a source of celebration. I know I have the power to manifest in every moment. I know flow requires opposites. I accept my opposites as a source of motivation. I interpret life for myself. I listen to my inner voice. I know I am the point of my own power. I risk reason for an experience. I let my past reconstruct behind me and move on. I give up reviewing and get into vision. I turn my fear into faith. I turn my judgment into understanding. I let negativity flow through me, not become me. I know I am the source of my life, my love and my experience. I am completely self-determined and give others the same right.

 I Am Love, I Am Light, I Am Life, I Am Peace, I Am Power,
I Am Beauty, I Am Harmony, I Am Abundance. I Am Joy.



Uncovering the Essence of Love with Tibetan Numerology

Love is not caused, it is

Never before in the history of humanity has it been so important to have a change of heart—to release the concept of having love and accept the concept of being love. Love is not caused, it is. This change can occur only when we take our hearts into ourselves and discover love as a state of being, of oneness, and of wholeness. We must release the concept of having love. We must see that our pursuit of love as a reward or as acceptance is conditional and futile, and it does not produce well being. Well being is perceiving love as wholeness and releasing the perception of love as a reward. Love is not caused, it is.

The conditional concepts of caring have been confused by what we know as acts of love from the having mode. When love becomes something we have, it ceases to be lovable and becomes a possession. Its objects feel confined, controlled and imprisoned. When we think of love as a state of having, love gets placed automatically in the past and we become fearful of change, thus promoting possessive and addictive behavior.

When we recognize love as wholeness and come to know the source of love from within, we are in a constant state of self-increasing renewal. We experience ourselves as free, self-determined, self-reliant and whole and allow others the same right. Oneness transpires when we fall in love with ourselves. Separateness dissipates. I am reminded of Nancy Tappe’s most powerful words; “Love is a principle, not a practice. Love is a state of being in which you exist, not what you do, how you act or who you are with.”

If you are reading this today, you are being asked to see where you are looking for love outside yourself and not connecting to the idea that you are already love even when you don’t know it.